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Lethbridge Car Accident Lawyer

Lethbridge Car Accident Lawyer

When do you need a car accident claims lawyer?

In general, you need an attorney any time you suffer an injury in an accident. While pure property damage claims can be straightforward, an injury claim is often anything but.

Car accident claims are never straightforward.

Alberta’s comparative negligence laws ensure that there will almost always be a fight over car accident claims. From the car insurance company’s perspective, if they can say that both drivers were close to 50% at-fault then they win. That means each car insurance company pays little more than the Section B benefits to their own insureds, regardless of whether those benefits cover the accident victim’s expenses or not.

Every percentage point of fault they can assign to you is money out of your pocket. They will also try to downplay the severity of your injuries and losses, look for ways to conflate preexisting conditions with your accident injuries, and to negotiate your pain and suffering award just as low as it will go.

We counteract these dirty tricks, and work hard to maximize your compensation instead.

Other Complications

Don’t forget, Alberta drivers aren’t the only ones you’ll encounter on the road! Cases get even more complex when you end up in accidents with out-of-province drivers, or in collisions with United States drivers.

As you can imagine, pursuing claims across provincial or national lines requires special finesse. 

Fortunately we’ve handled many such cases.

If you have to ask whether you need a car accident claims lawyer, you probably need one!

Yet you don’t have to engage in guesswork.  We offer free consultations, which means you can just call and set up an appointment. Bring the facts of your case as you understand them and your questions.

If we decide to work with you then we will help you file your car accident claim. That way you won’t risk making mistakes that create problems for you later on. We’ll then start investigating the facts of your case so we can help. 

Call (825) 435-2000  to get started today.