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Lethbridge Truck Accident Lawyer

Lethbridge Truck Accident Lawyer

Getting into a collision with any commercial truck can be devastating. These cases are also intensely complex.

Commercial trucks can include small box delivery trucks, or they can include collisions with 18-wheelers. In both cases, these heavy vehicles tend to cause life-altering injuries that will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident you need a lawyer, but not just any lawyer will do. You must hire a truck accident expert if you want to bring your case to a successful outcome!

Truck Accident Complications

Trucking companies would like you to think that determining fault in a truck accident is as simple as examining who broke what traffic laws.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Truckers are held to a higher duty of care than drivers because they are handling much larger and far more dangerous vehicles. 

This means you need a lawyer who thinks to look for other causes of the accident, including:

  • Whether the driver was on the road too long, in violation of Canadian truck driver’s law.
  • Whether the driver was adequately background checked and vetted prior to hire.
  • The amount of training the driver received, and whether that training met industry norms.
  • Whether the truck was loaded correctly.
  • Whether the truck had been maintained correctly.

There are numerous pieces of evidence that can show these violations, but the lawyer has to know to examine them. In addition, truck drivers are prone to dangerous cell phone use, alcohol, and drug abuse just like any other driver. Sometimes trucking companies and their insurance companies try to hide evidence of these violations, and you’ll need a tough lawyer to go after it.

At Lethbridge Personal Injury Lawyer you get experts who have pursued cases just like yours for decades. You get passionate lawyers who won’t let these big corporations play games with you. We’re here to help you get justice.

You need all the coverage you can get.

Your truck accident may make it impossible to work. It may stick you with dozens of medical bills that medicare won’t cover. If the trucking company was negligent then you also deserve some compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve been through.

If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident, don’t wait. Call (825) 435-2000 to get started today.