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Car Accident Insurance Claims Do’s and Don’ts | Injury Lawyer of Calgary

Car Accident Insurance Claims Do’s and Don’ts Featured Image
Car Accident Insurance Claims Do’s and Don’ts | Injury Lawyer of Calgary

Are you in a car accident and waiting for insurance claims? Then, this article is perfect for you. Claiming a car accident insurance can be chaotic. But if you know the proper way, the process will be easier, and you can avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Let’s know about car accident insurance claims do’s and don’ts in the following part.

Car Accident Insurance Claims Do’s

Here is a list of work you should do while claiming your insurance in an accident case.

Seek medical assistance

The first step is to stay safe. There’s nothing more important than your safety. Therefore, make sure you seek medical assistance. An accident can end up several injuries with a damaged vehicle. So, treat your injuries and come to a stable situation before starting a claiming process.

Contact your injury lawyer

Car accident insurance claims are tough as insurance companies always want to pay you less. The only person that will help you win is your injury lawyer. When you start bargaining with the insurance company, your lawyer can help negotiate with them on your behalf.

Also, a personal injury lawyer would help you remove the headache of getting proper medical treatment, ensuring the best compensation. Additionally, a lawyer can keep you updated about your rights, saving your costs as much as possible.

Report for claims

Most insurance companies have a deadline to report for claims. Therefore, you should do it as soon as possible. An injury lawyer can help you in this process. They will aid you through the process and let your insurance company know accordingly.

Record the injury and damages

Before leaving the spot, make sure you record your injuries and damages. It will be best to click some pictures or record videos of different places. Also, you can keep a diary or journal to write down all the incidents. In many cases, some victims tend to make folders to keep everything in one place.

Keep track of expenses

If you have expenses related to the accident, it would be best to keep track of those. The other party or accident benefits might give you back these expenses. So, make sure you have your taxi receipts, hospital bills, parking costs, or any economic losses on track.

Get your reimbursements

Every victim seeks reimbursements when they start insurance claims. In this part, the insurance company will compensate your expenses. This process is very lengthy, and the insurance company will provide the payments based on many factors. One of them is the level and type of coverages.

In most cases, people get the lowest cost. You might get cash value or get repairing cost. Eventually, you will be driving on the road again.

Contact your insurance company

Now, you need to contact your insurance company along with your lawyer. Your lawyer will protect your rights and provide the information that’s needed. However, you should be honest with the insurance company.

Keeping your insurer updated and providing all necessary information is very important. There are many cases where insurance companies start tracking the victims. Therefore, any of your wrongdoings could be risky.

Know the repair costs

Before you seek to repair costs, make sure you know your costs. You might send these estimates to your insurance company. If they accept the value, you can start your repair.

On the other hand, many insurance companies have repair shops that they regularly work with. So, your insurer might ask you to visit these shops. It would be best to take your vehicle to such shops because the insurance company will provide all the repairing costs.

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Car Accident Insurance Claims Don’ts

Here are a few things you should try to avoid while claiming your insurance.

Avoid any offer without professional help

In many situations, the insurance company will want you to accept their offers without professional help. You should know what you’re getting according to your legal rights. So never accept any offer unknowingly.

If you have a personal injury lawyer, they will guide you through your rights. So talk to your lawyer beforehand.

Don’t get hyped up

One worst situation is people getting hyped up when an accident occurs. Such conditions would create more mess for you. In many cases, your opponent can use this evidence against you. So, it would be best to avoid rage when communicating with your opponent.

These accidental situations are very traumatic, so victims usually start panicking. However, you should be calm through the whole process, even when it’s not your fault. Since collecting evidence is challenging after an accident, let’s not give a chance to the opponent doing something in anger. So staying calm is the best option.

Don’t leave the accident scene

There are many extreme cases where a victim left the accident scene and added criminal charges. The police may be misguided by the other party and thus find you guilty when you leave your accident scene. Therefore, make sure to stay at the accident scene. You should wait until the paramedic or any other officials are moving you.

Misunderstanding faults

The faults can differ in every situation. And your insurance company can use these faults to minimize the payments. If you disagree with your insurer, there’s a possibility to challenge them. However, the situation would get more complicated in such cases.

Final Words

There are many reasons you should follow while claiming insurance. However, these are the basic car accident insurance claims do’s and don’ts. Besides, it’s necessary to hire a lawyer when involved in a car accident. However, remembering the points mentioned above can save you from any extra hassle and help you get the highest compensation.


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